Our coaching programs focus on the creation of interactive and trust-based relationships that lead to learning, empowerment and performance. Whether small-group coaching or a one-on-one solution, we can offer multiple options that will bring growth, collaboration and synergy to your team.

Train & Engage

If you have a small group of employees struggling with a specific skill-set or behavior, we are ready to address the problem. Our Train & Engage program offers micro-training events that will target the area of difficulty and provide an effective get-well plan for your team. After a few days, we will conduct private face-to-face feedback sessions with each member of the group to assess individual improvement, provide guidance and emphasize the individual accountability so important to meaningful and lasting change. This method is very effective for challenges surrounding:

  • –  Soft Skill Discontinuity
  • –  Conflict Resolution
  • –  Team Building & Synergy
  • –  Effective Communication

Trusted Advisor

We are equally experienced in providing senior leadership, middle managers and front-line supervisors with the tools, skills and confidence to effectively read and lead a team. This coaching approach emphasizes active-listening, organizational and environmental assessments, the establishment of improvement goals and individual accountability.